Certified Testimonials

Our best letter of recommendation are all the testimonials of our satisfied students! These are REAL testimonials!

Peter K. W.

"It is great taking this course. It has really improved my knowledge. My sincere appreciation goes the organizers and the instructor"

Gina R.

"It was an enlightened & much needed experience for me"

Tembo K.

"The class was an eye opener and great blessing to my life and ministry"

Isaac T. A. K.

"I feel so excited about this life changing leadership training, Infact this training has widening my knowledge on how to lead effectively and efficiently in the gospel of God. It is great pleasure to join any of your programs and also invite others to join as well. May God bless you abundantly🙏"

Nana M.

"The training was great and timely"

Sitima N.

"I thank God He enabled me to replay all videos and make notes. Thanks a lot Julio for your time, effort and love. The entire training was awesome to me."

Ranford C.

"Yes. I would recommend this course to any church leader very informative"

Gislaine R.

"Professor Julio has a great love for God, no doubt about it."

Setela M. T.

"It really build my spiritual capacity"

Joan E.

"Extremely valuable information to fulfill the call of Mt 28:19"

Elizabeth M.

"Thanks so much for offering this course and also for availing recordings just in case one missed a session. This was very helpful Thanks again"

Isaac B.

"I say thank you, to my instructor have really grown spiritually and known how to handle matters concerning cross cultural, GOD BLESS YOU!"

Geetawattie L.

"Being in this class for the past weeks has been a great blessing to me, I am motivated to show forth the kind of love that God require of me to share the Gospel to all nations despite their culture or beliefs. It was very edifying and I am grateful to the Lecturer for taking time to impart in us, God bless you."

Winifred G. B. S.

"Many thanks to you. This training was a great blessing to me. God Almighty blessed you."

Derick K. M.

"Greetings in the name of our lord Jesus Christ and in our year of Increase. I believe that it's in God plans that this program has been organized in such a time like this whereby our world has become individualistic with our approach to the things of God. I thank God for such a great opportunity and word of knowledge sheared so far in support of my ministry. God blessed Rev. Julio C. Salas and his team for being such a great blessing to the body of Christ."

Mphumelelo E.  N.

"Thank you so much for the training, may God bless you 🙏 i personal strongly need such trainings for my ministry. I would love also to have some audio for these sessions for my reference. Blessings"

Dr. Kelvin I. A.

"Excellent delivery"

Donna GC.

"Very informative"

Carlos N. U.

"I say thank you so much to be part of course. It is my knowledge, my faith, my understanding and my compassion to disciple others. It is truly a blessing for me to be a part of this. I praise God for the lives of our instructors who were knowledgeble and patiently teaches us the things that we have to learn. Once again thank you, to God be the glory and may God bless you all."

Marleen B.

"To God be all the glory, I am empowered, impacted, equipped, enriched with knowledge wisdom understanding. God has truly done great things, I am ready for the next level, Please count me in send me a link, I do have other person to enrolled in your program Thank God. Thank you Pastor, God bless you to the overflow. Marleen"

Rowie S.

"This is a blessing for a aspiring pastor like me, glory to God for your life pls continue your good works so many will hear and understand the word of God. may our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ always bless you Sir and also your family."

Stephen K. F.

"I appreciate the program and I wish to take another course with the teacher."

Ranford C.

"This course was a blessings. Breaks down the role of leadership and mission not separating any"

Ada M. C.

"The class was very informative and instructor was clear and easy to understand"

Patricia E.

" Instructor was well prepared"

Ishmael M.

"Simply do more classes like this and others that are relevant to every areas of ministry"

Pinky W.

"Thank you I did appreciate the classes. It was very informative and demonstrations was great. If there additions classes i love to be a part. The classes for sure improve my leadership skill and understanding. Thank you again Julio Salas"

Jose R. C.

"Great class and I learned a lot about how ministries should work in local churches to include people of different culture background & language. We all are one in Christ and we all have the word of God to guide us. The BIBLE is the same no matter the language your Bible has. Will be great if each session will be one class. Given students more opportunities to share their opinion or question. May God bless you for the great work you are doing"

Lilia F.

"Excellent class. I learned and enjoyed very much."

Terrence E.

"This was an exceptional course and I am already feeling a bit sad that we will not be meeting next week. However, I am looking forward to the advanced courses I am very interested in the course on entrepreneurship. Blessings to you and your family"

Isabel H. J.

"Thank you!"

Peter L.

"Thank you Brother Julio."

Ma. C. F.

"This seminar of yours is very useful to my church, on how you present the subject is excellent and I'm always get a new golden nugget of wisdom, God bless you more Sir Julio and I pray more of this kind seminar of yours!"

Foday R. B.

"Thanks so much to the American Academy for such a unique training in Ministry. I feel blessed and I am willing to help my ministry with the knowledge acquired. I have a struggling ministry so I want to appeal to the American Academy to help my ministry in what ever way they can. God bless us all."

Oluwaseun Moses A.

"This course is such a huge blessing to me. The lectures were refreshing and well informed"

Veronica I. A.J.

"Very much informative lesson on cross cultural ministry"

Note: These testimonials are all real. They are from students who have actively participated in one of our courses. The images are not necessarily those corresponding to that student. The comments written by these students have been improved in their textuality to improve their readability while keeping the essence of their message accurate.